Work samples

I’m a copywriter and these are a few briefs I’ve worked on that show different tones of voice.

Each one features a note on creative direction from the top brass. Usually a single line which, more often than not, mentions cheese. Don’t blame me. I don’t make the rules.


Brief. Subtle. Something to get you thinking.

The client loved it but had reservations. It was as a good one-off ad but didn’t think they could use this style for a campaign with multiple ads. As a writer, you’re well within your rights to take this as a personal insult, have a massive hissy fit and then mentally write passive-aggressive email replies. You then have to come up with an idea, but please be aware, you will be tired from all the stomping around. They wanted to announce a product launch, how could I do it in this style?

Branding concept.

Brief: Create a company name that also sets the tone of voice.

Komet dental instruments.


Brief: Make it cheesy. Straight up. No filter.


Brief: Cheesy but also wry. Cheesy with a knowing wink. In short, we want cheese on wry. Lol.

SEC Recruitment.

Brief: Silicon Valley sass. Just some cool kids chillin’ in the hang suite making cool stuff. Dry wit. Sardonic. Not cheesy.

Pet insurance.

Brief: Humour with heart.

883 Police (fashion).

Brief: Sell the dream. Capture the energy of cool young things living in Manhatten. (Manhatten is a popular brand of spreadable…you guessed it… cheese).


No client brief.

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