Award & Review

Northerndad has won the prestigious Writer category at the National Blogging Awards, which was hosted in that there London by Britmums.


Thanks to Steve Keenan @socilatrav for this pic.


Receiving my award from the lovely Carol Smillie. Thanks to Michelle at, for this pic.






In my mind I look like Ben from Curiosity Killed the Cat, in reality, I look like pop bookworm, Moby. Although, I do make a point of never being photographed next to a wonky painting; what an amateur.


Immediately after the awards ceremony, Carol and I got married. I didn’t know you had to marry the person who gave you the award, but it’s going well so far.


Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 19.37.31

Britmums is only the second competition I have ever entered. The first was the, Kissing Cousins competition at Butlins.  I came second and I was devastated. Even though I kissed it up real good with my cousin and I broke the Cute-O-Meter by having left and right written on my pumps to remind me which one was which.

It was later revealed that the winners were actually brother and sister and should have been disqualified. You can quite clearly see the look of guilt on her face.


Below is a link to a review of the top 17 Dadbloggers in America and Britain. The first 8 are all Americans, then come the Brits.

There’s a short review of each blog and the chart gives a good insight into the Dadblogging scene.

I have steamed into the charts at number 11, in a similar way to how Imagination’s, Just an Illusion shimmied its way into the charts back in 1982. Follow the link below…







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