Daytime TV cop shows. My audition piece.

Three months ago…

It’s the summer holidays and teenage boys across the land are in a state of languid slumber till well past midday. Personally, I blame the vicar’s daughter.

To get them out of their bedroom, I’ve found that you need to give teens a group project that will crumble without their participation; involvement through guilt. So, in preparation for the long summer holidays, I’ve spent the last few months writing a daytime TV cop show and insisting we film it and he takes the lead part. (Yes, I’m unemployed.)

“What’s my character’s motivation?” he asked.

“He’s a maverick cop with a troubled backstory,” I said.

“What’s the troubled backstory?”

“He spent too much time with the vicar’s daughter,” I said.

Present day…

The project is now finished. Enjoy. But please be warned that I needed a love interest for the main character, but I was unable to persuade any teenage girls to appear in my ‘home movie’, so I had to use a balloon on a stick. Just go with it.


Two maverick city cops push the boundaries once too often and get demoted. They’re transferred to a sleepy seaside town where they soon discover that someone is out to kill them…

See the first episode now…

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