In-depth analysis of the PR-Blogger relationship.


Pipe not included.

The world of parent blogging is all new to me but the important role PR companies play in the daily life of a blogger is slowly emerging.

Once a month you will be asked to review an eastern european board game called, Bobble, or Froggle or Frog Bobble. While you are doing this, all the top bloggers will drive you insane by getting all the good stuff to review such as, Jaffa Cakes and tea bags.

The email will always start, ‘I hope this email finds you well’ which may seem a little frightening, as though they are expecting something bad to happen to you at any moment, but on the upside, you’ve just learned an ominous email greeting that you can use to make people think you’re hiding in a bush with a gun trained on their temple.

Next, they will subtly reveal that they have a massive marketing department by saying, ‘After careful consideration we think your readers are perfect for Frobble’. Now, I have met most of my readers, and not one of them is a Frobbler. They can barely be arsed to read my normal blog never mind spend time reading about how I spent the night Frobbling with the next door neighbour’s kids.

At this point it’s a good opportunity to try and scare the PR person by asking for payment. Just send them an email saying something like, ‘I hope this email finds you well. How much do you pay for reviews?’ They will reply by saying they don’t have the ‘budget’ for paying bloggers and that the £8.99 game is your payment.

This may sound bad but don’t worry, what it actually means is that they see the board game as legal currency and as such you will be able to use Frobble to pay for your petrol. Just go up to the counter and explain that you don’t have a ‘budget’ to pay for petrol, but all they have to do is review Frobble; about 300 words and a few pics – no rush.

Once you have refused to do the review it is then OK to go onto Twitter and check who actually accepted to do the review, and feel that somehow the PR lady is cheating on you. Repeat this each month until you get the Jaffa Cake gig and then retire.

17 thoughts on “In-depth analysis of the PR-Blogger relationship.

  1. Pull yourself together, Boffin, and stop whining. Thanks to the brilliant profiling of the PR companies I have a magnificent collection of breast pumps, that I will one day leave to my children. What’s more I have 14 tickets to see “Frozen” and have just been personally invited to review a CBeebies programme. Who cares that my kids are 21, 20 and 16…

    • Sorry about the lateness of my reply but I’ve been playing Frobble which is great fun for all the family. Maybe we should do a Parent blogger Swap Shop. I’ll Swap your Cbeebies tickets for two tickets I’ve got to see Des O’Connor on tour.

  2. Well since I’ve been offered cystitis sachets and nit lotion in one day I really think I’d prefer being a Frobbler!Doesn’t say much for me if that’s what comes to mind when they see my pic on the blog!!!

    • ha, you can come round and play Frobble if you like. I’m not sure what cystitis is but can you get it from sharing a bath with a student?

  3. I can’t believe you got the Frobble gig you jackass. I’m well jealous!
    All I’ve had is an offer to write a review about car tyres. I don’t even get to keep the tyres.
    No jaffas. No tea. Nothing but feckin tyres.
    The day Magners call up and offer me a free case to try will be the day I know I’ve made it. They follow me on Twitter so I reckon I’m half way there. Perhaps I can play drunken Frobble at some point?…that would be living the dream!

    • I’d take a bullet for the guy who invented Frobble. Yes we can play drunk Frobble just as soon as it becomes a real game. I already have a few takers, you can bring your tyres if you want.

  4. Ah, if only it wasn’t so damn true! As a blogger and a ‘PR lady’ I can only apologise for my people and have dutifully shared your thought leadership piece on my social channels to help ‘the industry’ understand the different between collaboration and taking the piss.

    • Hi, yes it’s both true and funny. A fellow blogger is a female cellist and she was asked to review car tyres and wasn’t even allowed to keep the tyre. haha

  5. I’ve always found the concept of being found by an email somewhat frightening in a Big Brother sort of way, particularly because I’ve been specifically hiding from them in the cupboard under the stairs.

    The best emails are the ones that begin “Dear Mummy” (er, not the last time I checked) or, better still, “Dear [insert name here]”. They’re my favourites. Just behind are the ones that invite me to an event 200 miles away at my own expense to try a product for babies (my youngest is three, as I mention on my blog, I don’t know, every 7 minutes or so).

    In all seriousness, I say no to 95% of the approaches I get. But every now and then I do get some fairly cool stuff. And I would definitely say yes to Jaffa Cakes. Take note, PRs.

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